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In all versions, the produce moves through a tunnel where a solution of sanitising fluid is misted onto the items from top, bottom and sides to provide complete and effective sanitisation.
After sanitising, items are discharged onto a small outfeed table.
The ROX unit can be used for many other cleaning and sanitising applications, from fruit, vegetable and fish washing to worktops, chopping boards and floors.
The Radical sanitising equipment controls the production of ozone that comprehensively sanitises the whole facility ensuring all harmful contaminants are destroyed without leaving any potentially harmful chemical residuals.
The secret lies in the patented sanitising system contained in the Sagewash[TM] unit which is precisely calibrated and scientifically designed and tested to produce a consistently measured solution of hypochlorous acid that is up to 120 times more effective than liquid bleach--yet is absolutely safe.
Sandwich manufacturer Anchor Catering has installed the revolutionary new Steritrox advanced oxidation sanitising system in its refurbished 15,000 sq ft facility in Kent.
Its Conveyor Cleaning solutions enables portable dry steam generating equipment to be used with belt cleaning heads that are specifically designed either for slatted or flat belts, or for the more difficult to clean mesh belts, This is achieved by utilising a motorised brush and steam jets on flat conveyors, together with a vacuum attachment that leaves the belt sanitised and dry for continuous use, and a powerful Jet Unit for dislodging debris from and sanitising mesh belts.