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developed with Sapient Corporation in less than eight months, mark
Sapient delivers business-critical solutions for both
NOTE: Sapient and QUADD are registered trademarks of Sapient
com, or Nikki Fisher, Vice President of Marketing of Sapient Corporation, 617-374-6866 or nfishe@sapient.
CO: Sapient Corporation ST: Massachusetts IN: CPR SU:
Donovan, vice president, Sapient Global Markets, will also be speaking on a TabbFORUM panel looking at Equity Market Structure Regulation: Will it happen?
Backed by a 20-year history of supporting some of the most influential companies in the market through major mission-critical decisions, Sapient Global Markets understands the needs of capital markets participants and successfully works with firms to address their challenges.
He and the team have successfully grown Sapient across all business segments on the top and bottom line and, at the same time, strategically positioned the company well for the future.
With his re-appointment to the board, the consulting arrangement between Greenberg and Sapient will terminate.
In February 2010, Sapient announced a re-aligned organizational structure consisting of three divisions: Sapient Global Markets, which focuses on providing business and technology services to leaders in today's evolving capital markets; Sapient Government Services, a leading provider of consulting, marketing, and technology services to US governmental agencies; and SapientNitro, a fully integrated marketing and technology services firm that counts Coca-Cola, Chrysler, Travelers, and Unilever as its clients.