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Sapper Moralee's mother Lynn was at the hearing and, in a witness impact statement, said that the loss of her only child had destroyed her life and at times had felt like committing suicide.
The dedication of the Memorial Plaque at Greenside War Memorial, near Ryton for Sapper Adam Moralee
Guys have been visiting the graves of fallen sappers and paying tribute to them.
Sappers Quinsey and Azimkar were shot by two masked gunmen as they collected pizzas outside the gates of the barracks on March 7 2009.
The Sapper Leader Course is one of the most demanding leadership schools that the Army offers.
His favourite memories included power-ballad fan Sapper Ray being devastated when 1980s themed nightclub Reflex closed down, as well as his countless practical jokes.
The phrase 'real character' has been used so often that it is has begun to sound banal, yet in the case of Sapper Smith it could not have greater resonance," he said.
Sapper Quinsey, 23, and his comrade Sapper Patrick Azimkar, 21, from London, had both gone to collect a pizza delivery on March 7 when masked gunmen struck.
Sapper Quinsey's sister, Jaime, said: "I know Mark never got the chance to serve in Afghanistan but he would have wanted there to be as much money as possible for injured troops to get the best treatment.
Summary: A sapper from the mainstream Fatah faction defused a bomb planted near a checkpoint inside the Ain al-HilwehAa refugee camp in Sidon on Monday, security sources said.
The unit will be included in the Sapper Squad Leader PAC tool kit.