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Strickland employed not the rapier of sarcasm but the bludgeon of invective.
This event made a sensation; it was used later to refute the sarcasms of the "Constitutionnel," on the method employed by some emigres in paying their debts.
Seth, lad," said Adam, taking no notice of the sarcasm against himself, "thee mustna take me unkind.
To fling elaborate sarcasms at Tess, however, was much like flinging them at a dog or cat.
You have found a very appropriate expression," said Lebedeff, politely, but with sarcasm.
As to me I had a rapid vision of Dominic's astonishment, awe, and sarcasm which was always as tolerant as it is possible for sarcasm to be.
Trumbull, with loud and good-humored though cutting sarcasm.
Jonah, who had not before seen Fred's white complexion, long legs, and pinched delicacy of face, prepared many sarcasms in which these points of appearance were wittily combined with the lowest moral attributes.
The Squire's life was quite as idle as his sons', but it was a fiction kept up by himself and his contemporaries in Raveloe that youth was exclusively the period of folly, and that their aged wisdom was constantly in a state of endurance mitigated by sarcasm.
repeated his father, in tones of blighting sarcasm, for the expression was not new to him.
As they approached their own lines there was some sarcasm exhibited on the part of a gaunt and bronzed regiment that lay resting in the shade of trees.
Steighton; this enlightened me; afterwards I came to the counting-house prepared, and managed to receive the millowner's blasphemous sarcasms, when next levelled at me, on a buckler of impenetrable indifference.