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The Satellite Dish Heater is also in patent pending status with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Runners-Up: each the Humax receiver, satellite dish and installation.
If you already have a satellite dish, you're all set
And NTL and digital customers will need a set-top box as well as a satellite dish.
Under FCC Order 98-273, which went into effect on January 22, 1999, apartment owners cannot unreasonably restrict residents from having a satellite dish on premises under the exclusive use or control of the renter.
To get local stations, satellite dish owners have to either use an off-air antenna or subscribe to a basic cable system in addition to paying for their DBS programming.
The satellite dish, when used in geopositioning, will permit every business to have a full-time, instantaneous awareness of every element of its shipment as they move out across the nation and the globe.
Another resident, Ilyas Memon, said he has a satellite dish tuned to Indian and Pakistani channels of his choice, for which he does not have to pay.
A 65-year-old building manager was killed by Tehran police last week when he intervened as they tried to strip satellite dish receivers from the apartment house he managed.
Each satellite dish weighs at least five kilogrammes and poses a grave risk to pedestrians if they fall off, said Nirmal Kumar, sales manager at Vision Electronics, which sets up centralised networks in buildings.
Today one winner will get a telly, digital box, satellite dish and installation, plus five runners-up get a digital box, a satellite dish and installation.
In many cases, satellite dish installers themselves are the cause for blame as they prey on innocent residents and their lack of knowledge regarding illegal installations.

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