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The event is organized by the United Sates Embassy in Dushanbe.
Among drivers of 2014 North American sates will be MOBILEconnect, a new service offering three platforms for smartphone and other mobile devices: Electronic Ticketing, aimed at helping users evolve a paperless solution for drivers and deliveries; Commerce, providing customers order request riles, truck tracking information and account balances; and, Sales Automation, affording sales team members in the field access to office quoting and forecasting systems.
The Advisor said strategic dialogue between Pakistan and the United Sates would be held in Washington in March next year.
1) Why do you think digital, sates have failed to make up for the drop in physical, music sates since the late 1990s?
We've seen a 35% increase in sates in Denver this year .
Panasonic maintained that industry growth was a more modest 13 percent in 2010 and that its own camera sates rose about 10 percent in the region, where it says it has been steadily building up market share.
The grant is awarded to Plymouth Sate University and the project is coordinated in Pakistan through services rendered by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi.
She appeared on "Dandanah" music channel, broadcast from the United Sates.
Previously, Norwood was vice president of sates for Requisite Technology, and vice president of sales for International Computex Inc.
Our common sustenance -- that which feeds our body and sates our pangs of physical hunger -- is born of death and violence.
Citi Habitats, a leading residential sates and rental firm in New York City, has fully leased the 14-story Chelsea Arms, located at 303 West 21st Street, in less than 11 weeks.
Stark and McDermott introduced the bill, HR 1455, in response to an April General Accounting Office report citing low participation sates in the federally mandated program for low-income seniors known as Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMBs) and Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMBs).