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10) But this highlights the problem of satiric irony for readers and for critics, rather than for satirists, who are only at risk if the readers fail to be critical enough to distinguish between them.
His obsession with maleness is parodic, after all, not satiric.
His first chapter examines the production of satiric comedy in the years immediately following Jeremy Collier's Short View of the Immorality, and Profaneness of the English Stage (1698).
It reads like Evelyn Waugh's satiric novels and, at its best, is exceptionally funny, the dialogue extremely snappy.
In every chapter, certainly, many selections are richly provocative of laughter by their piercing insight and exposure of all sorts of moral and emotional discrepancies, by their witty expression and plays on language, and by their irony, which is not less amusing for being biting, satiric, or even sardonic.
Satiric anti-ads in the latest issue of Adbusters magazine include a full page filled with closeups of two sets of lips along with the words "Perfectionism is a malignant force in our society.
But even as Wordsworth was drawing a line in the sand so that his sympathetic portrayals of rural folk could be sharply distinguished from the satirical representations of Crabbe, his own poems--Jones points to "Simon Lee" in particular--harbored latent satiric elements strategically deployed so as to underscore the reader's complicity in satire's operation.
The reason I bought it was that some friends and I used to have these slow-dance make-out parties, and there was a certain satiric aspect to playing a Celine Dion song for a bunch of drunk, horny New Yorkers.
Both Baraka's Beat and Black Arts poems make amazing use of the dozens, joning and literary satiric techniques.
The word is most often used in a satiric manner, and office "Luddites" are not seriously expected to set off explosive charges in the copying machine or network server.
period was immersed in satiric writing, and particularly in satiric