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Horace smiled satirically, and went to warm himself at the fire.
I'm going to the Italian Opera to try on,' said Miss Wren, taking away her hand after a little while, and laughing satirically to hide that she had been crying; 'I must see your back before I go, Mr Wrayburn.
The niqab , or full face-veil, spread--helped by Wahabi thinking portraying sexual assault as a woman's fault--as well as the Isdal which covers a woman's body in a balloon-like jumper-skirt, satirically referred to as "the tent".
The narrator comments satirically on Chinese construction crews, American humanitarian aid, television commercials.
He repeatedly bounces off the work of trendy avant-gardists, whether in homage or satirically is unclear, just as it is unclear whether Keaton, in one film, as he stands stiffly at attention as his rowboat sinks, is petrified by the prospect of death or wryly resigning himself to its dumb inevitability.
Drew Ungvarsky, Creative Director of GROW, said, "We were excited by the opportunity and wanted to create a truly unique interaction that would bring Svedka's positioning to the masses in a satirically relevant but technologically advanced way.
Red Dwarf was a parody of the best kind, absurdly silly yet satirically ingenious, and merciless in the way it ribbed the science fiction genre.
Indeed, there are times throughout when both the style and the novel's apparent message read as though they might be intended satirically, without ever giving enough evidence that this is the case.
In a different way, two very talented actors, Barry McGovern and Anthony Brophy, as Uncle Peter and The Covey, are inventively locked into their respective torments and defenses, though The Covey tends to come over too strong and intellectual, when he should be more satirically pompous with his Jenersky, and more foolishly puritanical with Rosie.
IN THE NAVY: The satirically inclined musical duo of William Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan might have enjoyed the liberties being taken with their operetta ``H.
He is satirically punished for believing vainly that the world depends upon his own vigilant perception of it, and that his promise to protect the animals is an absolute and unconditional guarantee of their continued existence.
CAIRO: Egyptians disgruntled with the continuous and excessive power cuts, took their frustration to Facebook, starting a campaign satirically titled "You are Radiant, Government - No to Power Cuts in Homes.