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The comically dogmatic leftist language Norman has previously employed has been further exaggerated and satirized without concentrating on a particular object of ridicule.
The new poetry harbored a critical position towards the hegemonic and satirized religious practices.
In Mules and Men, Zora Neale Hurston collected many stories, which satirized foolish behavior among blacks, stripped whites of their presumed superiority, or simply commented on the imperfections of human beings.
Moreover, Margaret Sullivan has argued in her book on Bruegel's peasant imagery that the fool must be seen in conjunction with the frowning peasant at his side, the pair constituting a sort of village Democritus and Heraclitus whose extreme responses to the festivity are satirized.
Times cartoonist Darrin Bell satirized this situation last year by showing a little girl saying grace before dinner as her parents stared in astonishment.
In last year's movie Celebrity, Woody Allen satirized echinacea's trendy status by showing a panicked supermodel who, feeling the first hints of a cold coming on, demanded a middle-of-the-night search for the herbal remedy.
The revisionist line on post-famine agriculture - satirized by one wag as "down-trodden landlords and predatory tenants" - was influenced (long before its 1994 publication in book form) by the pioneering research of W.
Saturday Night Live memorably satirized the scene with an ersatz Liddy barbecuing his sauce-slathered hand over a grill, then biting into it.
This type of behavior has been satirized on popular TV shows like NBC's hit comedy, "The Office.