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In his depiction of the fairy banquet in book 3 of Britannia's Pastorals, Browne alternately satirizes the Spanish, James, and pacifist factions at court.
Throughout the novel, Rushdie satirizes and celebrates American consumerism, showing us the wonder and absurdity of the "late capitalism" we take for granted as Americans.
Among the institutions Boll satirizes is the Roman Catholic church.
This classic story satirizes the high society of New York Wharton knew so well.
His sculpture satirizes itself in the act of satirizing the unresolvable standoff between art and life.
The film also satirizes the sensibility of TV news: Back in Atlanta, we see CNN's executives deciding on a graphic to define its coverage - they opt for one reading ``Crisis in the Gulf,'' but then tell the graphic designer, ``Make that the 'Persian Gulf' - Middle America might think we're bombing Mexico.
Satire seems a natural for his impish wit and gift for precise movement, and Mood Swing satirizes the manic-depressive quality of modern society, using often hectic Jazz Age clarinet music by Morton Gould.
The New Bath Guide; or, Memoirs of the B--r--d Family (1766) satirizes various aspects of Bath life.
The book satirizes to the puritanism of society in New Boston, and it has some powerful battle scenes that anticipate Crane's Red Badge of Courage.
On this hysterical CD, Hartman pays homage, satirizes and completely rips apart the world of television.