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At this occasion, Khurshid Ahmed, general secretary of the union, urged the federal minister to regularize employees working satisfactorily for years in accordance with the settlement reached between the union and management earlier.
Although the EC can not yet conclude that the indicators have been satisfactorily fulfilled, it remains of the view that, with continuous political guidance and resolve to make progress on the reform, Bulgaria should be able to fulfill the remaining recommendations and respond satisfactorily to indicators in the near future.
a) Three similar satisfactorily completed works costing not less than the amount equal to RsJ8.
Bersin emphasized the need to harmonize federal and state accountability laws, to develop a system to identify and help schools that are not making progress or that are making some progress but not yet performing satisfactorily.
That gap has been filled although not very satisfactorily.
He points out that no single theoretical account has satisfactorily explained the factors responsible for the remarkable rates of economic growth that have characterized the 19th and 20th centuries and transformed traditional economies in many parts of the world.
Although we need them, Jenson notes, they persistently resist being thought satisfactorily.
Right up to election day, this question was never satisfactorily answered for American Catholic voters.
Its three main tenets state that all IA or IA-enabled products incorporated into DoD information systems must comply with NSTISSP #11; products must be satisfactorily evaluated and validated prior to purchase or as a condition of purchase; and purchase contracts must specify that validation will be maintained for subsequent releases of the product.
This reference should indicate the dates of your employment, the positions you held, and an acknowledgement or validation that you performed satisfactorily on the job.
Since Brinkley has chosen to tie much of Parks' life back to December 1955, this book does not satisfactorily stretch the legacy of Parks beyond what many readers already know.
The inflammation responded satisfactorily to antibiotic therapy.