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According to the data of the State Statistical Office, the managers assessed the business situation in May 2014 as more satisfactory than in the previous month, but less satisfactory compared to May 2013.
One student modified his grade from satisfactory to weak.
But the issue is with private schools, especially four that are classified as satisfactory or poor.
Teaching and learning are satisfactory overall, the report says, with previous inadequate teaching during staff absence having been eradicated.
I believe that satisfactory falsely denotes acceptable provision and it isn't," Sir Michael said.
A survey has found the number of school buildings that are less than satisfactory has fallen from 36% three years ago.
Base on the lowest satisfactory degree of resource demand restraint, the emergency-start-time should be as early as possible.
They said that many recent improvements in provision have ensured that pupils' achievement and their personal development and well-being are satisfactory.
But even some satisfactory schools with "pockets" of weakness will face extra visits under Ofsted's plans.
The Defense Department will continue paying contractors award fees for satisfactory performance, despite a Government Accountability Office recommendation that the fees be reserved for those companies receiving higher marks.
Wingrove Primary in Fenham, Newcastle, came out of special measures two years ago and is now making satisfactory progress, says an Ofsted report.