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Remarkably, computational experiments by Selman and his coworkers recently showed that in 2-SAT problems, the transition from satisfiable to unsatisfiable is continuous.
This formula is satisfiable if x is true and y is false, or vice versa.
In particular, the hardness of deciding if a random formula is satisfiable, and finding a satisfying assignment for a random formula, are both major open problems [9; 19].
k] is not satisfiable whp (1), while one with ratio smaller than [d.
These values may in some cases be jointly satisfiable.
Average case behavior and experiments have provided evidence of the existence of a phase transition for the probability of a random instance of specific CSPs being satisfiable (see [DMSZO1]).
n, L] (F) is satisfiable, we denote this probability by [Pr.
The class invariants are satisfiable, that is, they are consistent.
Many moral problems that are represented as conflicts are better understood as problems in which there are multiple constraints that may or may not turn out to be simultaneously satisfiable.
Due to these exploitation constraints, and due to the large number of (possibly conflicting) demands, a set of demands, each of which could be satisfied individually, may not be satisfiable as a whole on a single day.