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Anselmo said no more, but he had said enough to cover Lothario with shame and confusion, and he, feeling as it were his honour touched by having been detected in a lie, swore to Anselmo that he would from that moment devote himself to satisfying him without any deception, as he would see if he had the curiosity to watch; though he need not take the trouble, for the pains he would take to satisfy him would remove all suspicions from his mind.
In this distress I did not know what to do, as his life was apparently declining, and I might perhaps have married again there, very much to my advantage; it had been certainly my business to have stayed in the country, but my mind was restless too, and uneasy; I hankered after coming to England, and nothing would satisfy me without it.
However, it was not long before he attacked me again, and told me he found that I was backward to trust him with the secret of my circumstances, which he was sorry for; assuring me that he inquired into it with no design to satisfy his own curiosity, but merely to assist me, if there was any occasion; but since I would not own myself to stand in need of any assistance, he had but one thing more to desire of me, and that was, that I would promise him that when I was any way straitened, or like to be so, I would frankly tell him of it, and that I would make use of him with the same freedom that he made the offer; adding, that I should always find I had a true friend, though perhaps I was afraid to trust him.
Merely satisfying customers by delivering on their rational requirements represents a minimum point of entry for today's businesses; managing to satisfy customers will not drive the enhanced financial performance today's business leaders seek.
To satisfy the automatic enrollment safe harbor, elective contributions must fall within a range from a minimum contribution of 3 percent up to 10 percent of compensation depending on, and increasing with, the employee's length of participation.
To satisfy the COI requirement, a significant portion of the consideration received by the target shareholders should consist of instruments that carry the required degree of proprietary interest, such as stock of the issuing corporation.
Thus, although a "more likely than not" level of confidence might be expected to satisfy the recognition standard, the proposed Interpretation explains that the "probable" level of confidence is intended to be "consistent with its use in paragraph 3(a) of FAS 5.
The Tax Court rejected these arguments stating wrongful termination suits were not mentioned in the shareholder agreement and settlement of the suit did not satisfy the business connection test required for accountable plans.
He obviously struggles at the beginning to satisfy his physiological need for food, water, and sleep.
for a payoff letter to ascertain the exact amount necessary to satisfy its mortgage.
The "normal purchase and sales" exemption in FAS 1 33 allows companies to ignore the fact that their purchase and sales agreements satisfy the definition of a derivative, as long as certain conditions are met.
Since these regulations were introduced, over 2,000 drug companies have failed to satisfy the new criteria and their drug manufacturing licenses have not been renewed.