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Thus, only tax positions that satisfy the "probable" standard would be recognized or continue to be recognized.
They must satisfy the need for variety while maintaining brand loyalty.
Under the Act, in order for a defined benefit plan to satisfy the minimum participation requirements, the plan must benefit no fewer than the lesser of (1) 50 employees, or (2) the greater of (a) 40 percent of all employees of the employer, or (b) two employees (one employee if an employer has only one employee).
The transaction does not satisfy the requirements of Sec.
Research to expand or refine existing computer science principles may satisfy this requirement.
Satisfy the nontransferability requirements of section 401(g), if applicable.
To satisfy this safe harbor, the separate line of business must simply operate within a different industry or industries from those of the employer's other lines of business.
Proceeds from the Asset Sale were used to repay loans and related interest from Hologic and ComVest, to satisfy a stock warrant obligation from ComVest, to pay a lease termination fee and to settle certain accounts payable and other obligations at closing of the Asset Sale.
In addition to the requirements related to the FSC itself, the export property must satisfy certain requirements to qualify for FSC benefits.
It currently intends to satisfy the remaining outstanding $26.
The IRS disagreed, arguing that Clarkston failed the economic performance prong of the all-events test, because it did not satisfy the Sec.
In an acquisitive D reorganization, the distribution of acquirer stock must satisfy Sec.