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After satisfying all of the five conditions, the BSA will assess the proposal for potential environmental impacts as well--in accordance with State Environmental Quality Act (SEQRA) and City Environmental Quality Review (CEQR) procedures.
Hence, enterprises will have far more difficulty satisfying a "probable" standard in respect of their uncertain state and foreign tax positions.
Many of the duties associated with the principalship were identified as satisfying.
These patterns of thinking (what we tend to pay more attention to) reflect what we find most satisfying at this point in our lives.
I think we are very close to satisfying their needs," said Putnam.
Perhaps consumers temporarily are taking advantage of the price promotions while simultaneously satisfying their desire for variety.
Immediately thereafter, US2 is treated as satisfying its $70 note; see Regs.
In addition, a taxpayer must pay the reported tax with each such return, must pay statutory interest and penalties as determined by the IRS (except the fraudulent failure to file penalty, as discussed below), and must cooperate with the IRS upon request in determining and satisfying its income tax liability for any tax year for which a waiver is requested.
The Act also provides a safe harbor method for satisfying the ACP Test applicable to employer matching contributions.
Each member has only one vote, which the Service considers a classic method of satisfying the "democratic control" requirement.