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Overall, the flowering age index showed that early flowering was induced by aluminium stress condition from Al saturation index of 25% to 100% (Table 3).
59 Table 2: Saturation index and parameters of Fernana's water samples Date LR LSI [DELTA][pH.
Lorenzo Cremaschi: 1) The Langelier Saturation Index (LSI) is defined as LSI = pH - [pH.
2]-P and soil solution P, as was the Mehlich P saturation index.
New pools that have fresh plaster, grout, or concrete can be maintained at a saturation index level closer to 30,000 or 35,000 for the first six to 12 months while the surface finish is still new.
In addition to monitoring and controlling disinfectant levels and the pH, the controller will also have a temperature sensor, alkalinity levels, calcium hardness, Langilier's calcium saturation index and the Ryzner Index.
Alternatives to statistical modeling include the location quotient analysis and the service station saturation index (SSSI), a trade area analysis tool developed by Texaco.
The drug also reduced the cholesterol levels of gallbladder bile, whereas the concentration of phospholipids and bile salts increased only slightly, leading to a decrease in the cholesterol saturation index (CSI) of bile in the hypercholesterolemic rats.