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It had been shown that nurses may not realise their patient is deteriorating, as their saturations are still within normal parameters.
And the objective of the study is to determine the range for the permissible value fort the Water Saturation exponent 'n' for the reservoirs located from the well logs.
To qualify for a portable system, an oxygen saturation must be taken at rest and on room air followed by an ambulatory saturation on room air and then a recovery saturation with the patient on oxygen.
Stevens' team indirectly measured transferrin, a protein that stores and transports iron in the blood and other parts of the body The researchers calculated transferrin saturation from two measurements: the amount of iron found in blood serum and the additional iron the blood could store.
Core from the first hole, evaluated by independent lab facilities, assayed at a weighted average of 15% bitumen saturation by weight.
O'Meara will present: "Geo2Flow: Accurate Saturations, Permeabilities, Compartments, and Reserves", a demonstration of Geo2Flow's capabilities, at noon and 3:30 p.
Intervention group patients were managed using information from the Cerebral Oximeter by following a series of steps to keep the brain oxygen saturation levels at or above 75 percent of the patients' brain oxygen levels at the beginning of the operation.