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In addition, they show the inter-workings of religious communities that are otherwise saturnine to the general population, such as the ultra-orthodox branch of Hasidic Judaism and new religious movement of the Church of Satan.
However I've never tried to give the impression that this saturnine, intense, often snippy ex-midfielder is blessed with divine powers which allow him to romp away from opponents because he was born with a footballing sliver spoon in his mouth.
Hoogstraten installed the psychohistorical myth of Segers's mistroostig (disconsolate) character, one that ingratiated him perfectly to twentieth-century narratives of saturnine genius.
Among Roman writers, he pays special attention to "the saturnine grandeur and dark brilliance" of Tacitus and Juvenal.
Having reached "the Saturnine stage in his own life" (Cherniss 1987: 220), he bears witness to Cresseid's fall, which happens as a result of her blasphemy against the planetary gods, and is largely orchestrated by Saturn.
In A Victorian Album: Some Lady Novelists of the Period, Lucy Poate Stebbins emphasizes a similar point by elaborating on how the men in Oliphant's family turned into failures in many respects;"[a]s a young woman her acquaintance with men was largely limited to her own relations; her grandfather had been so bad that his wife had left him, her father was a saturnine block, Frank was weak, charming Willie a sinner, and, when she married, her husband could not support her" (161).
Obuchi appeared to be on the dark side if not saturnine.
1,2) On the other hand, saturnine gout is the rheumatic entity due to chronic lead toxicity.
It's desperately rooted in the 1970s, from the big, portentous headphone music of 1985 and Saturnine to the acoustic rock of closer The End Up.
Blaine reveals: "For us this record was a chance to redefine ourselves musically and as songwriters and there are some songs on there like Saturnine and Blood Red Balloon which explore much grander territory for us.
up, cracking and saturnine from the river's throat.
Degas' image of the brooding, saturnine painter standing over the crumpled pink-frocked figure at his feet suggests the aftermath of a sexual assault, recalling the seamy atmosphere of his earlier Interior (1868-69), also known as The Rape.