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However, Michael's ticker clearly isn't up to all the shock, stress and sauciness.
His autumn oering was no exception - preoccupations included dark velvet tailoring, chion rues and jarring zig-zag prints - but then, mid-collection, a sly hint of sauciness crept in, by way of a sheer A-line dress embroidered with the outlines of naked ladies.
For a giftbox with a difference, head to Ann Summers to add some sauciness to your Christmas.
They can be a bit cheeky, and they like a bit of sauciness and naughtiness, which this show has got in shedloads.
And writers have, since Sidney, either not deemed the comparison too saucy or have liked it for its sauciness.
Based on the silent era of movies, Cassini men's clothing employs Chaplin's characteristics of simplicity, honesty and sauciness into the designs.
Fukushima, with her flame-haired sauciness and gift for prophecy, is a strong sidekick (alas, she gets less to do as the film goes on).
With her cheeky raised eyebrow and innuendos, she brings a whole new level of sauciness to cooking on TV.
One member told me she couldn't even search for Charles Dickens at her school on account of the implied sauciness of his name.
His pointed remarks about her sauciness and her overly "emotional" response to food hoarding imply a critique of un-ladylike behavior.
Having caused havoc and misery in one family, she moves on to the country home of her brother- and sister-in-law, where she soon has another conquest in her sights, the young, proud, and handsome Reginald de Courcy: "'There is something about him that rather interests me, a sort of sauciness, of familiarity which I shall teach him to correct.
Let's hope its later slot will allow some sauciness back.