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Suzie Kennedy turned racegoers'heads when she sauntered through the Royal Enclosure impersonating Marilyn Monroe Picture: JOHN STILLWELL
Barflys at The Dime on Fairfax were freaked out last December when a band of scantily-clad hoochie mamas sauntered in, quickly followed by a mad rush of tipsy staffers from The Firm, who literally took the place over.
Jim Gagne popped gay twists and generally terrorized while tattooed rockabilly chicks sauntered around looking mean and sexy.
None stopped, but as described by the Tribune, "a man in full Halloween drag, wearing an all-black nylon suit with a skull and crossbones on the front, sauntered up to the scene and said, 'What's going on, dude?
The buck sauntered around in the protection of the brush until finally exposing himself for a shot.
For 625 miles and 27 days he had sauntered along shorelines with a 30kg pack on his back until he reached Swansea in need of new boots.
The hungry animal had broken into the house in Hastings, East Sussex, through a catflap and sauntered into the nine-year-old's bedroom for a snooze after polishing off the family cat's dinner, and made itself a nest out of soft toys.
Vision and Reality" sauntered through the century with a pictorialist and transhistorical air.
Once Bartoli had him literally at her feet, she blithely sauntered off without him.
Mornings I surveyed the sparkle, the surface - beads of ebony that moved like water snakes, or sauntered, rasping in one long breath - no beginning or end - a perennial inhaling of light, or exhaling the dark bowels of her depths.
After running out of gas that summer morning, Jones sauntered down Hidden Valley Road in search of a gas station.
His substantial investment was never in any danger as Paul Nicholls' nineyear-old sauntered home by nine lengths.