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We're watching a test case of Naji's argument for managing savagery as the pathway to a successful jihadist caliphate.
Some people do not believe us when we say, "This savagery has no place in Islam", even some Muslims.
We strongly condemn this attack because it is a kind of savagery that has no place in our society," Roxas said.
Inflammatory" adverts equating Islamic jihad with savagery have been posted in New York City subway stations.
Public prosecutor Eric Maillaud told a press conference: "I won't say it was professional, what I will say is it was tremendous savagery.
Lord of the Flies charts the descent of civilisation into savagery and directors David Hutchinson and Phillip Rowntree have done a good job of capturing the boisterousness at the heart of Golding's novel with jungle drums, bold lighting and lashings of blood.
We're a funny, complicated country, Britain, there's a streak of savagery and this was like cannibalism, society eating itself in a way," she added.
Cllr Mark Dowd, the chairman of transport authority Merseytravel, said the cut amounted to financial savagery.
The Canadian campaign was 'a nightmare of terror, retribution, and disease' with Indians' and French Canadians' savagery breeding savagery.
They've been caught out by the unexpected savagery of this winter but if they'd laid in a huge stock for the mild winter predicted and it had stayed mild we'd have accused them of extravagance.
I heard a tear fall Somewhere in the universe I was saddened For no one listened No one cared The child cried alone In Gaza The dogs of war Are pitiless Devouring all with savagery And mindless abandon Jerusalem in her left hand Bethlehem in her right A bullet hole in her chest I heard a tear fall Somewhere in the universe Was that god crying.
The tragic murder of Rhys Jones in Liverpool has brought home the casual savagery of gang crime in Britain today," he said ahead of Thursday's publication of the report - Dying to Belong.