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To learn more about Newell's Botanicals new product, Savior Lips, or the company in general, visit their website at NewellsBotanicals.
He manages to change clothes and sneaks past a group of Saviors and makes it outside where he spots his motorcycle.
The only political archetype that's more common than the savior is the cabal.
His mother reportedly told him, "Son, you are too young" and as a result, "It wasn't until Overholtzer was in college that he heard the Gospel and trusted Christ as his Savior.
In that way it hoped truly to be open to the directions, designs, and creative dynamics of the Savior (though not always, as its history reveals, with unerring discernment).
Savior is the powerful story of Guy's (Dennis Quaid, right) crusade to save a girl and her baby in war-torn Serbia.
In any event, the fish came to symbolize the very presence of the Savior, inseparable from the Eucharist.
The dividing line did not run, as he sometimes implies, between hardheaded, national-interest advocates and mushy would-be world saviors.
Oh, sure, there were the occasional hecklers - atheists and agnostics, usually - who would question God's choice for savior.
Isis, depicted as a universal savior, did provide a model for women, although not as a specific individual whom one could follow.
Designed in California and tested around the world, the Savior was created by Arc Effect founder Brian Meehan, a respected action sports film producer and life-long action sports athlete, with input from some of the world's top athletes, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts and explorers.