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Clearly, with the participation of other riders under serious doubt the Tour market was a bit of a sharkpool yesterday, but nobody was being forced to have a bet and it was a shame that Betfair saw fit to hang out the suspended sign.
Moreover, his family - heretofore lifelong friends with the young woman's parents - never saw fit to mention it, either, and became bitterly estranged enemies.
Police are seeking to confiscate a 120 kg sturgeon caught by Llanelli man Robert Davies even though he had permission from the Royal Household to dispose of it as he saw fit
No wonder that "gay" activists among OECTA's members saw fit to enter a schoolbus from the Catholic School Board in Toronto's "Gay Pride Day" parade this year as a token of their commitment.
And yet the entire communion from Kigali to Sydney to Canterbury itself saw fit to wade into the ensuing furor.
Apart from The Idler's anonymous correspondent, none of the swooning scribes saw fit to report a remark from Karzai that could be construed as a threat to the U.
McCarthy, in a statement issued yesterday, said: "I am obviously very sad that the owners saw fit to replace me.
And if recent--and current--officials saw fit to keep the public in the dark about all this, what current horrors are they keeping under wraps?
Marvin Sackner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NIMS, stated, "We are delighted that the US patent office saw fit to acknowledge the patentability of our AT-101 product.
When the present state tenure law was adopted, recalcitrant school boards, fighting tooth and nail to maintain their right to fire teachers as they saw fit, simply decided to dismiss all teachers at the end of their probationary period rather than give them permanent status.
The Committee saw fit to censure the Australian government for its treatment of that nation's aboriginal peoples.
At least one priest said he felt that resolution gave the green light to clergy to proceed as they saw fit.