say repeatedly

See: reiterate
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Their parents got the girls library cards and made reading mandatory "Education is the most valuable asset," the parents say repeatedly when we meet.
During the course of the murder Thomas Mair was heard by a number of witnesses to say repeatedly 'Britain First'.
This is something those close to me have heard me say repeatedly.
As youve heard me say repeatedly, quality of life, quality of the work environment; these are also important factors.
Before this war, Iranian leaders used to say repeatedly that their presence in Yemen made them "the masters of the most important seas in the world".
also say repeatedly that he thought life under Dad the Dictator was pretty much like paradise?
There was great music to entertain us and to serenade all the deserving winners (although, as we say repeatedly, even to be shortlisted is a significant pat on the back).
11, 1990, the men began to say repeatedly, "He is free
He did say repeatedly that he would address the possibility of running for president when he thought it was time - and that the time was not now, the report added.
I say repeatedly I am responsible for implementation of this budget.
What angers me more than hearing Speaker of the House John Boehner say repeatedly, "The American people want a.
In fact, people can say repeatedly that they want their organs donated, but once they die - if potential donors have not left explicit legal instruction - spouses, guardians or legal representatives can ignore that decision.