say repeatedly

See: reiterate
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But I am very happy to hear the leaders say repeatedly that there is no time to lose.
There was great music to entertain us and to serenade all the deserving winners (although, as we say repeatedly, even to be shortlisted is a significant pat on the back).
11, 1990, the men began to say repeatedly, "He is free
He did say repeatedly that he would address the possibility of running for president when he thought it was time - and that the time was not now, the report added.
I say repeatedly I am responsible for implementation of this budget.
What angers me more than hearing Speaker of the House John Boehner say repeatedly, "The American people want a.
In fact, people can say repeatedly that they want their organs donated, but once they die - if potential donors have not left explicit legal instruction - spouses, guardians or legal representatives can ignore that decision.
We say repeatedly that we are selling the fuel below the ordinary price," said Al Qufaidi.
It's not haram, as I said before and will say repeatedly until these people hear me loud and clear.
I have heard Ricky say repeatedly that he hates my guts - or words to that effect - and if that's the way he feels I'm amazed that he is not chasing me for a fight.
The court papers say repeatedly of the children's accounts: ``The petitioners have reasonable grounds to suspect that this account has been used to launder the proceeds of Stirton's unlawful conduct.