say yes

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Then I say yes," said Stryver: "I won't go up there now, I am not so hot upon it as that comes to; I say yes, and I shall expect you to look in to-night.
Most assuredly it is; whether you and Anytus say yes or no.
It sounds conceited to say yes, but nevertheless I think I should.
What I don't say yes to is that I don't stand high--as high as any one else.
I guess they was all of half an hour considerin', an' I was almost as miserable waitin' as when I waited for you to say yes after I asked you.
You may talk nineteen to the dozen -- I shall write to my friend and say Yes, in Frank's interests, by to-day's post.
Mamma shakes her head; and Miss Garth looks daggers; and Norah's as sulky as usual -- but if you say Yes, they must all three give way and let me do as I like.
The opinion is not likely to induce me to say yes," answered the father, half-laughing, and yet half-angry at his son's making such allusions before Betts--"never mind him, my dear; the handkerchief is not half as expensive as his own cigars.
I can't say Yes, till you have complied with the rules.
How can I say Yes, or how can I say No, when I don't know what you mean?
You needn't say yes if you'd rather go alone," she said suspiciously.
Be generous for once, and say Yes with a good will.