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Based on morphological characteristics and distribution, the scabrous pen shell from southern China matches A.
People are suddenly realising you can't tame comedy, comedy has to be scabrous and in bad taste for it to work properly.
Taken together, as in this generous serving, they reflect Benedetti's compassion for the urban underside of life and the scabrous realism of his portraits of corrupt men and women in both grand office and mean dreams.
As a British general election nears, London newspapers are serving up juicy morsels from a scabrous new book on politics.
Thus began the scabrous, politically incorrect, and culturally informative "
Either way, it's hilariously scabrous stuff - no doubt old Cheeta's ghostwriter resting easy in the knowledge that neither animals nor dead film stars can sue for libel.
Today, price to we foreigners hasn't changed, you can still read a nicely judged selection of articles but Eavesdrop is now anything but scabrous.
After all, Phi-ton itself uses advertising slogans such as "you have never slept so well" and "the highest comfort for all ages" and even "the only way to further heighten your enjoyment", which the judge assumed was not intended to be scabrous.
With great sensitivity, indeed, Professor Perella guides us through the five Acts of this play, insisting, above all, on the psychological subtleties of the main characters, such as "a potentially scabrous situation involving incestuous passion," and at the same time keeping us riveted to the major elements that warrant the re-evaluation of this long-forgotten work.
After a chapter on homosexuality outside France in which he ridicules Magnus Hirschfeld's fight for gay rights in Germany and asserts that "all of Asia is tainted with pederasty," the author turns his coruscating gaze on France, which he also finds to be flying "homosexuality's scabrous banners.
Not withstanding the convention that Carmen should be a sultry siren, the gypsy cigarette girl has to come across as a tough broad, and Fortin made the scabrous aspect of her character quite evident.
But increasingly, David relies on epic stupidity, either from his character or one of Larry's friends or antagonists, to tie his story up into a tidily scabrous knot.