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In order to serve the needs of growing cluster computer installations, such storage needs to be scalable (both in capacity and in bandwidth) in order to balance activity across storage system components and ensure adequate performance.
Emulex host bus adapters provide a unique combination of features required for mission-critical enterprise environments that deliver reliability, high bandwidth, server CPU offload, low latency and scalable connectivity.
Under the terms of the agreement, Unisys and Intel's Supercomputer Systems Division (SSD) will develop a scalable parallel system that integrates Intel Pentium processors and Intel's scalable parallel processing (SPP) mesh interconnect technology with Unisys microkernel- based implementation of the UNIX System V.
The scalable and modular design of RGB's Universal Scalable Modulator enables service providers to minimize the cost of introducing new services and allows them to benefit from a "pay-as-you-grow" model, through which additional QAM channels can be licensed and added when needed to meet the requirements of expanding digital video service deployments without the need for complete hardware replacements.
Neither SAN nor NAS architectures support the aggressive concurrency and per-client throughput requirements of scalable cluster computing applications.
IBRIX Fusion enables fast, scalable access to data in real time, making it the optimal choice for content development and delivery.
The scalable HBA architecture not only encompasses investment protection with full backward compatibility with the installed base of 1Gb and 2Gb equipment, it offers forward compatibility by providing a common platform for 4Gb and then 10Gb products by incorporating a 10Gb Fibre Channel Attachment Unit interface (XAUI).
Topic: Highly Performing and Scalable File Serving Solutions for Unstructured Digital Content
There are two considerations with transaction cost in a scalable system.
The integration of the OIF and OCF into our Foundry Design Kits, along with the silicon verified scalable component models, provides a unique industry solution by allowing our customers to directly synthesize optimal passive components like inductors or capacitors within seconds.
Based on innovative patented and patent-pending technology, Smart Mobile overcomes limitations of current-generation WLANs, enabling organizations to deploy massively scalable wireless networks that meet the needs of the most demanding data and voice applications, while providing unlimited reach indoors and outdoors.
Monotype Imaging's patent-pending technique for enabling the clear display of scalable East Asian characters without bitmaps involves a new method of character fine-tuning - or hinting - to ensure the on-screen legibility of text from 14 to 50 pixels per em.