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Apollyon also entered heartily into the fun, and contrived to flirt the smoke and flame of the engine, or of his own breath, into their faces, and envelop them in an atmosphere of scalding steam.
A mouthful of scalding water from their little store completed this gloomy repast.
Scalding water squirting, fire, and the smash, smash of the guns
At breakfast he called the coffee slops and threw the scalding contents of the cup into Mauki's face.
They then fell upon each other's neck and wept scalding rills down each other's spine in token of their banishment to the Realm of Ineffable Bosh.
After that, when I gave them each a mug of scalding tea, the noises ceased.
Poor Sis drank that scalding draught, being in too great awe of Peg to do aught else.
Dick was hanging round to get one, as usual, and all at once he picked up a scalding hot one I'd just fished out and dropped it on the back of my neck when I was bending over.
More wine was called for, glass after glass was drained, their parched and scalding mouths were cracked with thirst.
And so there he lay on the uppermost bank in the vapor-bath; but with all his clothes on, in his boots and galoshes, while the hot drops fell scalding from the ceiling on his face.
And the coach in which we came here being at the door, you'll allow me to hand you down to it, and pack you home to the Bank: where the best course for you to pursue, will be to put your feet into the hottest water you can bear, and take a glass of scalding rum and butter after you get into bed.
Deane, in a decided tone, tightening his lips; and the words fell on Tom like a scalding liquied, leaving a continual smart.