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PRINCETON, NJ -- Half of Americans today want the Affordable Care Act repealed or scaled back, down from 57% in January 2011.
The historic Mayor of Sefton role could be scaled back to solely chairing full council meetings, ending decades of civic function.
Plans for a futuristic 'car pod' system may be scaled back.
Ordinary Income Shareholders who are scaled back and who made an election (in
Officials at North Carolina's Fort Bragg dramatically scaled back a special promotional event for Southern Baptist ministers taking part in an evangelism program after Americans United expressed constitutional concerns.
The Bush administration's proposed plans for an Internet-wide network operations and monitoring center to detect and defend against major cyber attacks have been scaled back.
To HELP NARROW an ever-widening budget deficit, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as scaled back his city's curbside recycling program.
Department of Justice--is being scaled back in the face of criticism over safeguarding individual privacy.
Remember when we told you in July that Winburn Tile Manufacturing of North Little Rock had scaled back its work force from 100 employees to an unspecified few?
Unable to secure tourism financing for their Dynamic Earth proposal, Science North officials have scaled back their vision of an attraction dedicated to Sudbury's mining heritage.
This is some progress from the 1970s, however, when husbands rarely scaled back to help out with family responsibilities and instead just accrued and retained privileges within marriage as a result of their occupational prestige," says Becker.
One woman's husband still gets home "too late for dinner," so she has scaled back her career.