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The 'Global and Chinese Dental Scaler Industry, 2010-2020 Market Research Report' is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global dental scaler market with a focus on the Chinese market.
Specially designed to reach those tricky little gaps between teeth, a dental scaler effectively removes plaque, tartar and stains to keep teeth looking white.
Nidal Taha, Vice President of Z Scaler, said that he is excited to be working with T.
It claims LCC was negligent in failing to supervise her during Ritchie's cleaning, failing to properly instruct her on use of the scaler, and failing to intervene when the student injured Ritchie.
The HD-SDI to HDMI and HDMI to HD-SDI Scalers offer high-end scaling abilities that broadcast professionals will appreciate when integrating and testing audio/video systems.
Hu-Friedy subjected the handles of its dental scalers to a year of "torture testing" that included sterilization by steam (autoclaving at 275[degrees]F) and dry heat (375[degrees]F-390[degrees]F), and by chemical soaking.
A scaler hacks into his hand-held computer to alter previously recorded log values after the logs are sent into a mill.
Gefen is the first to deliver HQV to the mainstream by way of its Gefen TV Scaler Pro," said Jim Mannos, President and CEO of Silicon Optix.
MyBD is the first and only All-in-one tool (Blu-ray ripper, decrypter, scaler, and converter) to backup Blu-rays to the smallest size with almost the same quality.
With Scaler they've once again merged great technology and design, allowing both you and your clients to maneuver effortlessly through your site with big impact.
Thanks to its incredible processing power, our scaler provides a true cinematic experience every time you turn it on.
While our competitors struggle to add 4K switching support to their products, we ve raised the bar yet again with the first and only 4K/60 Hz scaler on the market, said Justin Kennington, DigitalMedia Technology Manager at Crestron.