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Royal Mail's group security director Tony Marsh said: "We very much understand the upset and anxiety that scam mail can cause, in particular to vulnerable people and their families.
Moreover, Ram Naresh Yadav ( 88), former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, was named accused in the MPPEB scam before getting relief from the court.
Locally, according to Eugene police detective Steve Williams, one woman recently lost thousands of dollars to that type of scam.
The trial courts in Orange and Osceola counties also issued a similar warning about a separate scam involving "missed" jury duty.
Such scams often affect the most vulnerable members of our community.
Prasad further stated that the Congress led UPA federal government has created a record by being involved in number of scams and the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh lacks the capability and power to put a halt to it, though Singh was fully aware of the scams.
If you think you have been the victim of a scam, or you suspect a scam, call Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 or visit www.
com/ScamAlerts compliments both the website and scam prevention blog by allowing Facebook users to interact with Mr.
The top five scams are: deceptive prize draws, bogus foreign lotteries, advance fee fraud, homeworking/business opportunity scams, and property/land investment scams.
Next are investment scams, which take pounds 490million from unwitting consumers.
Victims have a 30 per cent chance of falling for another scam within one year.
Prasantha Nath, who once counted the late Mother Teresa among his patients -- was an unwitting participant in the scam that included the fraudulent reporting of medical services that were never provided and billing for services provided to patients who were dead.