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The scammer also got the "landlord" on the phone to confirm the eviction story.
A way to avoid being victimised by scammers is to block an unregistered number using the mobile phone's features or by reporting it to telecommunications companies for monitoring.
Unfortunately for the scammer, he picked the wrong target.
Then, let the executive director of your state wine association know what's happened, so he or she can compile a master list of where the scammer has been working.
His name was George Makronalli from Greece, and he went to South Africa at the invitation of the scammers and was promptly kidnapped.
Finally, you can "scambait" the scammers, leading them on in thinking they're about to strike pay dirt with you.
Following HMRC's recent awareness campaign, several retail workers across the UK have warned customers buying hundreds of pounds worth of iTunes vouchers that they may be about to fall victim to the scammers.
The DOJ is using this penalty to provide refunds to eligible people worldwide who were tricked into paying scammers via Western Union.
Another scam that showed a three-figure growth during the year was the "utility scam," in which the scammer would either offer to lower your electricity bill, or to cut off some utility supply, and ask for your personal and financial information.
A cursory enquiry among a few colleagues turned up two other cases of romance scams they knew of, one man who was not sure whether he was dealing with a scammer but she had asked for money, and another who had a middle-aged aunt who had been ripped off by a romance scammer a couple of years ago.
as instructed by a scammer who told her she owed money to the Internal Revenue Service in unpaid taxes and needed to deliver gift cards to the IRS office in Salem after reading the card numbers to the scammer over the phone, police said.
Then, of course, there is the fact that the scammer is asking for ETH to be sent first, in order to receive the cryptocurrency back.