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Then the mice were unharnessed from the truck and scampered away through the grass to their homes.
Jim had to be careful not to step upon the tiny piglets, who scampered under his feet grunting and squealing, while Eureka, snarling and biting at the thorns pushed toward her, also tried to protect the pretty little things from injury.
We arrived home again finally, after a ten-mile excursion, and the irrepressible muleteers scampered at our heels through the main street, goading the donkeys, shouting the everlasting "Sekki-yah," and singing "John Brown's Body" in ruinous English.
Crews of Rappler, TV5, INQUIRER and other agencies scampered and ducked for cover around 1:30 p.
Summary: Motorists scampered to fill their car tanks as petrol pumps ran dry in the emirate on Wednesday morning.
MIGHTY MOUSE THE little mouse scampered along the jungle floor When suddenly he heard a mighty roar "Help me
A spokesman for West Midlands Fire and Rescue service said: "A car jack was used to release the squirrel which scampered away.
Summary: A spider has scampered up and down the white robes of Benedict XVI while he delivered a speech in Prague.
Darren Sproles took a hand-off from quarterback Philip Rivers and scampered 22 yards for the winning touchdown.
But Toby's done a runner or been the victim of a dastardly kidnap, but given the season, it's just possible, is it not, that he's scampered off to find somewhere to hibernate for the winter?
1 asked a ballboy to send a request to the team's kit manager, who scampered into the dressing room and returned with a nice sugary coffee.