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On the night of the banquet Paulvitch waited at the curb before the residence of the German minister, where he could scan the face of each guest that arrived.
Sheldon was vaguely oppressed by his loneliness, and several heavy squalls during the afternoon brought him frequently on to the veranda, telescope in hand, to scan the sea anxiously for the whale-boat.
 And scan the list, and say without compassion:
If the stillness of the desolate plain was broken by one of the dogs barking, a soldier, leaving the fire, would place his head close to the ground, and thus slowly scan the horizon.
Martin then proceeded to write down eight lines in English, of the most matter-of-fact kind, the first that came into his head; and to convert these, line by line, by main force of Gradus and dictionary into Latin that would scan.
The trapper, by exercising that species of influence, over his companions, which experience and decision usually assert, in cases of emergency, had effectually succeeded in concealing them in the grass, and by the aid of the feeble rays of the luminary, he was enabled to scan the disorderly party which was riding, like so many madmen, directly upon them.
However, most DRGs made after October 2001 have scan resolutions of 500 dpi.
Zinn: In which residents should a scan be obtained, to determine if they have any developing pressure ulcers that are not yet otherwise detectable?
Renscan DC, which works within the company's UCC--or "Universal CMM Controller"--develops the compensation strategy by measuring features on a component at two speeds: first slow, then fast, right after the slow scan has been performed.
Second, a clean scan isn't the same thing as a clean bill of health, since some diseases, including colon cancer, don't ordinarily show up on routine whole-body scans.
It not only does a scan when you start up, but it inspects new files as they arrive.
OneTouch eliminated the multiple steps that were usually required in sending scanned documents to an application by enabling users to set the destination of their images by pressing a button on the front of the scanner and selecting an already configured destination, such as: scan to email, scan to the printer (copying), scan to storage, etc.