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In the programme, aired on a Lebanese satellite channel, a man scandalised Saudis by describing an active sex life.
Founder of the museum Baroness Thyssen said: "I don't see why anyone should be scandalised.
Speaking as he and fellow West Midlands bishopS s issued a joint statement urging people to vote wisely in the European elections, the church leader said: "I've been absolutely scandalised by some of the stories of what is coming out - and I've felt like I don't want to vote either, or at least I don't know how to vote.
Former MP Alice Mahon, who has resigned from the Labour Party after more than half a century's membership, said: "I think that most decent people in the party would be scandalised by the smears about to be launched," she said.
The drug-taking cheat scandalised the nation with his infamous Hand of God goal which knocked out Bobby Robson's team from Mexico 86.
06) I am absolutely scandalised by the idea that sending back a hard-working, family man to a war-torn charnal pit like Iraq will benefit anybody.
But are there so many sensitive souls scandalised by the sight of two men throwing punches that they felt the need to reach for a telephone to make a complaint to the police at about the same time they reached for the smelling salts?
I THINK the way that the Canon has been scandalised for being a ``gay Christian'' is disgusting.
Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Pre-Raphaelites will look at the work of the group of artists and poets who scandalised 19th-century England.
The couple's relationship scandalised Paris, London and New York in the late 1920s and 1930s and served a pioneering role in Civil Rights in the USA and the British Empire.
The programme, shown on July 15 on LBC and seen in Saudi Arabia, scandalised the country where such frank talk is rarely heard in public.
Parents were scandalised by early performances of debut hit Move It, fearing him as much as Elvis Presley.