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In another usability test, researchers found that concise, scannable and objective copywriting resulted in 124% better usability.
Automated forms software provider AutoData Systems, a unit of Electro-Sensors Inc (NASDAQ:ELSE), reported on Friday the release of an update to its Scannable Office software which enables users to easily create, scan and process forms for accurate data collection.
The QR is a scannable code which calls up the pharmaceutical company's website and matches the product with a database, Fairley said.
It claims it is the first airport and UK brand to interact with its passengers using the stickybits mobile application, which uses barcodes printed on stickers to make every day objects scannable by mobile phone.
Toni Haber, executive vice president and broker with Prudential Douglas Elliman, said she is the first to market New York City properties using ScanLife--a new smartphone application that features scannable Quick Response Bar Codes.
Visually appealing images, color, and fonts are balanced against the needs for speed, scannable text, and easy navigation.
There are several things you need to consider in making your resume scannable, so that it will attract the attention of that "electronic screener.
Data Management is a Pearson unit that designs, manufactures and services scannable data collection products, including printed forms, scanners and related software, and provides survey consulting and tracking services, including medical device tracking, to corporate and government clients.
The result is a system that produces razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes and the cleanest logos and graphics of any industrial inkjet printing system.
It is capable of producing scannable bar codes, sharp images and human readable text at real-time print speeds of up to 16" per second (ips).
Another new cryptographic scheme, called Punchscan, uses scannable ballots with two separable layers that are marked by voters with ink daubers like those used in bingo games.
It is also scannable, reducing the risk of transcription errors.