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The first MEMS-based laser scan engine to be released, the Intermec EL10, features extremely fast scan rates and separate laser emission and collection optics for increased sensitivity, supporting increased scan range and angle, as well as easier scanning of low contrast bar codes.
The Scanning CAM represents a major departure from conventional microscopy systems in that it can perform detailed software analysis of scanned imagery from samples that would not fit into a typical microscope.
The LiDE 25 also comes with ScanSoft(R) OmniPage(R) SE* for OCR scanning and Arcsoft(R) PhotoStudio(R) software for organizing and editing scanned photos.
Commenting on the use of Bentley software in laser scanning applications, Bruce Jenkins, senior analyst and managing partner, Spar Point Research LLC, said, "Our research suggests a high proportion of successful laser scanning projects to date have involved MicroStation - a tool of choice in much brownfield work, where laser scanning shines.
Many libraries are scanning large historical maps and aerial photographs.
High-frequency ultrasound scanning isn't limited to detecting potential decubitus ulcers.
Legacy points out that unlike other CMM manufacturers, Zeiss makes all of the major elements of the CMM: the scanning probe head, scanning controller, and software.
CT scanning looks deep inside the body with low-dose X rays and has been used for decades to pinpoint the problems behind patients' symptoms.
Scanning programs all come with scheduling capability, so you can order them to scan weekly or nightly or whenever you want.
Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ:DMRC) today announced it has licensed its market-leading Digimarc[R] IDMarc[TM] digital watermarking software development kit (SDK) to Card Scanning Solutions (Card Scanning), a provider of ID scanning and verification solutions, to bring this powerful new means of authenticating U.
It is the overall goal of the curator and conservator to protect the artifact, minimize its physical handling, ensure that the scanning function does not cause any damage and that the artifact is stored or treated in a secure and stable fashion following scanning.
There are two reasons why a scanning capability is important, according to Bringle: "The slightest modification to CAD-designed profiles renders the CAD file useless and requires scanning to capture the new profile.

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