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The system has also allowed our library to scan copyrighted maps in addition to those in the public domain.
Hertig: In addition to facilities' caregivers using a "shotgun" approach that involves turning every at-risk resident every two hours, they now can target the intervention much more precisely by following our radiologist's recommendations, which are based on the interpretation of the scans.
hospitals and other centers performed some 35 million CT scans.
99(3), the LiDE 70 scanner gives users the ability to scan photos and documents with ease at a maximum of 2400 x 4800 dpi color resolution.
0** High-Speed interface enables lightning fast image transfers from scanner to computer with maximum scanning speeds and previews of scans on the LiDE 60 scanner clocking in at approximately nine seconds, depending upon operating system speed.
imageWARE Document Manager is a storage and retrieval system, designed to provide a centralized method by which information is shared across an organization via integrated scan, fax, print and email.
The DocuMate 272 allows people to easily set the "destination" of their scanned documents by pressing a button and selecting one of nine pre-programmed (or user-customizable) scan settings.
Initial scan rates are five times faster than current mechanical motor-based laser scanners, with the capability to increase in future product generations to thousands of scans per second.
The MultiStream(TM) function produces both color and monochrome output in a single scan.
The solid-state scan engine delivers 200 scans per second and easily reads poor-quality and damaged bar codes from up to 50cm away.
a leader in intelligent imaging solutions, today announced the Xerox DocuMate 152, the first and only document scanner that enables users to scan, store and locate any file, e-mail message, attachment or scanned document instantly.