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He told an IBEC conference: "Schools and teachers complain about employers whose recruitment practices of young temporary workers pay scant regard to their academic progress.
The Academy will issue the new recommendation with a warning that scant medical research supports amounts greater than 1,000 mg, and larger doses may pose health threats for some individuals.
But even though Killian Keane converted to save Munster's blushes it was merely scant consolation for the Irish.
Why Natalia Makarova, conscientiously, but with scant understanding of its fluid style, performing Ruth St.
The Fund's Conservation Leadership Project found exceptional leaders running organizations severely handicapped by '"xenophobia and internecine strife," and spending a scant 25 percent of their time on programs and projects.
Schultz calls the new study a valuable addition to evidence linking autism to scant activity in brain areas governing perception and language.
Although Polk County has received scant mention in other works and enjoyed a live production in October 2004, Patterson's analysis is one of a very few sustained treatments of the play as a historical document.
In your glorification of the deceased bishop of Rome, while rightly pointing out the good things he said and did, one should remember that under his reign more Catholics voluntarily left the church than at any time in history; more seminaries, convents, parishes, and Catholic schools closed; and there was scant attendance at Sunday Mass.
and dog owners have agreed that the AKC defines quality in a dog primarily on the basis of appearance, paying scant heed to health.
The appearance of the round cells is similar to that of lymphocytes, with hyperchromatic, irregular nuclei surrounded by scant, elongated eosinophilic cytoplasm.