scant respect

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With her sensitive nature all disapproval had weight, even the disapproval of those for whose opinions she had scant respect.
Nawaz Sharif showed scant respect for Parliament by consistently absenting himself from the NA sittings.
Laws will have hardly any impact if people have scant respect for them.
What is apparent and matter of deep concern that the Pakistan society and politicians are becoming generally more radical in their behaviour, increasingly hostile towards their opponents and displaying scant respect for law.
It is strange that all parties want to come to power through vote and Parliament yet they pay scant respect to the democratic institutions.
How do you justify our society's preference for individual vehicles, scant respect for waste management and industry stagnate that deteriorates the air quality.
Run-rates have spiralled, bowlers are treated with scant respect and targets get ever taller.
Treated with scant respect for many years, it was graffitied and vandalised before a friends group was formed, paving the way to its restoration and Grade II* listing by English Heritage in 2011.
I'm amazed that the council has been blown off course and is all at sea in showing such scant respect for the greatest explorer, navigator, cartographer in British Naval history.
However the president also did not fail to bemoan that the media was using the new found freedom to slander selected politicians and other individuals with scant respect to media ethics.
Water, though essential for life on earth has been treated with scant respect and total abandon.
To me, the Welsh law smacks of an irresponsible experiment, gambling with lives, as well as showing scant respect for the basic rights of citizens.