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ARROWORD Canned fish Vehicle's opening top Natural source of metals Male cat Sign of future events Stardom 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Bit missing __ Stone, actress Make happy Fitting, suitable Make happen, bring about ACROSS 1 MUTILATE 5 STEY 9 HERDS 10 MERE LAD 11 LOOT 12 SCANTIER 14 PARTLY 15 HURLED 18 ACTUATOR 20 NEVE 23 TERRAIN 24 CARES 25 DEER 26 ETERNITY DOWN 1 SETUP 2 LIMO RUT 3 DAME 4 CAPOTE 6 TITAR 7 RED NOSE 8 OUTSIDE 13 CARTING 14 PRATTLE 16 GRIEVED 17 PARTON 19 RATED 21 ANTSY 22 AIRS Ladder rung Jousting weapon Outing 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 West Indian spirit Butterfly trap Drivers' short cut (3,3) That bloke's Benefit, service 25 26 Curtain-track cover LETTERBOX KRISS KROSS Can you fit the listed words back into the grid?
Another fashion designer, 49-year-old Louis Reard, created an even scantier suit, for which he registered bikini as a French proprietary mark.
Symptoms: Declining memory, can''t remember why you''ve gone into a room, hot flushes, periods becoming much scantier.
10] With regard to VTE prophylaxis in gynaecological surgery, the literature is much scantier, but it is likely to be as underutilised as in other disciplines.
The socio-economic challenges that lie ahead of this state given its comparatively scantier natural resources are not trifling pursuits.
However, in Pakistan, textbook analysis has received scantier attention.
There is a school, where their children are given two meals a day to supplement what might otherwise be a scantier diet than is healthy for growing children.
Textile production is emphatically feminine--but on the details of textile mills Blake is much more imprecise, perhaps because his knowledge of those technologies as a London artisan was scantier.
What could be learned in the schools of the time were quite scanty information and cognitions from the Latin grammar, rhetoric, logic and even scantier knowledge in arithmetic, astronomy, geometry and music.
Forthwith, of course, the female must have smaller, less perfect testes, and the semen generated in them must be scantier, colder, and wetter (for these things too follow of necessity from the deficient heat).
The menses themselves may be briefer and scantier than they should be.
8 percent of the population have completed primary education, and an even scantier 2.