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On one beautiful autumnal day with bright sunshine, average temperature and very windy, I wish that I had a pound for each of these scantily clad ladies who said, "it's freezing
But the judge ruled that he could not possibly calculate the percentage of the estimated 28 men per week who visited the premises simply for "a massage from a scantily clad young lady which is quite lawful, and those who ordered a massage as a precursor to more sexual activity.
Though the characters are scantily developed and the story drags a bit in the middle, this is a worthy story about discovering self-confidence.
The programme is on Living TV and the adverts depict scantily clad, oiled-up women.
Loosely chronological, each chapter is organized around a legal case that illuminates aspects of the city's ambivalent relationship with a variety of forms of commercial sexual exchange, most obviously prostitution, but concert halls (with their scantily clad beer jerkers) and concubinage as well.
Not so lucky, are the scantily shielded objects circling high above Earth: Satellites can be damaged, disrupting cell-phone service.
SCHOOL bosses are cracking down on primary seven pupils who turn up scantily dressed like Britney Spears.
The woman - reported by a newspaper to be a scantily clad stripper - is said to have scaled a fence and boarded a private jet while looking for a place to sleep.
Depictions of shapely, scantily clad women are standard in Japanese comics and animations, and this series gladly provides them.
Now I hear from those who've seen her show in the States that she spends much of the time on stage scantily clad in all sorts of erotic underwear and writhing in a most provocative manner.
The company also turned in energetic performances of new Artistic Director Jim Vincent's counter/part, which contrasted medieval propriety with a scantily clad Tarzan-and-Jane duet.
They preen, groom, lounge, caress each other, and frequently pose--at the window, in the bedroom, on the couch, or at the top of the world, scantily attired--as though training for a role they have yet to fully understand, much less attain.