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Broadly speaking, key features of traditional non-profit and for-profit structures put them at odds with the inherently bifurcated character of SEs: for-profit models are too powerfully dominated by shareholder primacy and the resulting drive to maximize profits to comfortably accommodate the pursuit of public purposes, while non-profit models struggle to effectively generate scalable benefit due to the scantiness of funding streams available to channel back into the enterprise.
57-63, 166-71) are footnoted with surprising scantiness, although the book is full of information, and inevitably we find some repetitions (cf.
The ending promises a sequel, which might be better suited to television, given the basic production values, sheer scantiness of the plot, and the staccato screenplay.
In view of the scantiness of Avakubia specimens available, only few specimens were dissected since study of the soft parts inevitably involved destruction of the shell.
Some of the factors affecting the growth of this market are the inadequacy of proper standardization and calibration procedures for radiation detection devices, scantiness of adequate skill-sets among professionals handling the devices, and the lack of raw materials for manufacturing radiation detection devices.
Frederic Eden fell back on the accepted Whig party line: Blame the victim; "the miseries of the laboring Poor arose, less from the scantiness of their income .
In this interview, McCunn and Yun engage with questions of the dialogics between the historical imagination, despite the problems of fragmented archival scantiness, and reasons why history matters.
for the Stoic, [logos] is an eternal property, a remedy against the scantiness of our dimensional lot.
This scantiness is not surprising given absence of MIGA guarantees to private investors to protect against corruption and consumer conflict risks.
This rebuilding effort is reflective of the Filipino value of pakikipagkapwa or "concern for others" and pagtulong at pagdamay or "helping through sharing of food, temporary shelter, and basic necessities despite scantiness of resources.
The reason for the scantiness of tales related to the boundary was probably the fact that the estate boundaries did not have a large role in the peasants' everyday life, and that the transmission of the information about them from one generation to another was not so important.
Due to the scantiness of available data, the model is limited to the aggregate of both male and female university graduates combined.