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Due to the scantiness of available data, the model is limited to the aggregate of both male and female university graduates combined.
Asante (2000), however, blames colonial conspiracy for the scantiness of literature and criticism on Zimbabwean dance.
Background: The nation decries the scantiness of Black male teachers in classrooms.
7) The criteria of atypia included the presence of the major malignant features including; nuclear enlargement associated with increased nuclear cytoplasmic ratio, hyperchromatism, chromatin clumping with moderately prominent nucleolation and irregular nuclear borders, bi or multinuclation, and scantiness of the cytoplasm and variations in size and/or shape of the cells and nuclei.
His professed lack of appetite gives way to a manic cycle of greed and repulsion, the scantiness of his desire to an exaggeration of both desire and disgust.
47) He describes one of his romances, Elissa, as 'an attempt, difficult enough owing to the scantiness of the material left to us by time, to recreate the life of the ancient Phoenician Zimbabwe, whose ruins still stand in Rhodesia.
Poor quality of the material, either because of extensive tumor necrosis or crushing artifact, and the scantiness of the tumor cells were thought to be the causes of error in cases 4 and 5.
99) The scantiness of Gelayev's paramilitary outfit was especially marked by the time he reached Pankisi in mid-2001.
Within five years, however, that market had also shrunk to such an extent that she was again appealing to the Royal Literary Fund: "I need not point out to you that the depression in the Book trade and consequently scantiness of employ in Juvenile works has been great.
e) when considering the cityscape's objects and details, the following essential difference should be discerned: the polis reveals a small shape variety and a great detail variety related with their functions; contrariwise, the megapolis demonstrates a great variety of shape unrelated with concrete functions and the scantiness of details that frequently specify the function.
On the scantiness of direct market research see Miguel Angel Flores, "Vinos argentinos en EEUU: Entre marketing y mujeres," LosAndes online (September 16, 2007).
Folsom reports that Moley--organizer of the original "Brains Trust"--wrote the following about Roosevelt in 1936: "I was impressed as never before by the utter lack of logic of the man, the scantiness of his precise knowledge of things that he was talking about.