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Although Scantling only spent two years in the Army--a large part of it fighting in Korea--the memories of his service are never far from his thoughts.
Scantling represents clients in a variety of financing transactions, including leveraged and other leases and financings of equipment and facilities and other structured financings, both domestic and cross border.
We built a wooden prototype, tested it, and proceeded to build the real thing," Scantling said.
Tenders are invited for Timber scantling and planks
BetaSphere's solutions provided Uprizer with technology and best practices that enable us to produce a better peer-to-peer networking product and validate the needs of customers by testing products in a real world environment," said Dave Scantling, CEO of Uprizer.
Product Sub-Category : Planks and scantling and paints
Chiliad is taking a revolutionary approach to delivering greater functionality and convenience to the Web user," said Dave Scantling, general manager, HP E-Services.
Tenders are invited for Provn of enhancement of life of existing residential accommodation which includes replacement of doors/windows, fly proof, scantling, windows panes of no.
webBASIS provides a fully integrated way for companies and organizations to do business through the Internet," said Dave Scantling, general manager, HP E-Services.
Limited Tenders are invited for Ply wood and scantling
Wireless location services is a burgeoning marketplace, and HP e-services expertise and always-on Internet infrastructure are key in making it happen," said Dave Scantling, general manager for HP's E-Services.