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Adultery is scantly penalized and, when it is, rarely legally enforced in the Western world.
dactylon in combating plant fungal pathogen was scantly reported.
Malinowski teasingly included a picture of young South Pacific "sensual temptations" presumably bare-breasted and scantly skirted (Young, 2004, p.
In item 1, it reveals that typewriters are scantly made available with a benchmark of one student to a typewriter in there colleges of education in South South Nigeria.
Lawrence describes as masturbatory [90]), when he imagines "they would scantly have given themselves time to cover [them] with their kerchiefs" as they rush to see him on the scaffold at midnight (104).
4) The contribution of the Prague School of Semiotics to contemporary performance theory is still only scantly known to western theorists of the theater.
Although the presence of dental anomalies may suppose a simple cosmetic problem with specific clinical considerations, the scantly referenced associations with polythelia (in syndromes of greater diagnostic complexity (8,9)) highlights a topic of undoubted semiological value.
But judging from last year's presidential election that scantly mentioned crime in the various policy debates, this is no longer the case -- even as Gallup finds, for yet another year, a majority of Americans rating crime as an extremely or very serious problem for the nation.
Somehow visitors to this land of sun and sand nurture a misconception that Goan lasses either have a strong dislike for clothes, or moving around scantly attired is the traditional norm here.
PsyCap, in general, was found to be scantly studied a variable in the Indian context.
Prevalence increases with age, but the prevalence and risk factors of erectile dysfunction among younger men have been scantly analyzed.
the theory of planned behavior (Ajzen, 1991), to identify psychological constructs that have been scantly applied to incumbent small-business owners.