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Auction organiser John Wilson said: "Antipodean tour tickets and Moroccan material are extremely scarce and very desirable.
These professionals are using field-based research, satellite imagery, and other tools to identify areas where scarce or unstable natural resources can fuel instability.
Also, the spectrum is a scarce resource for wireless systems, and thus is reused within cellular systems.
Some of the initial ideas suggest that government agencies should fund networking research in the following areas: technology for agile, optical transport networks, techniques for shared use of scarce public wireless spectrum, automated device and service discovery and configuration, approaches to improve security and privacy in networks, autonomous network prediction and control, and theories for understanding gl obal-scale information infrastructures.
Today the suffering of almost 700 million of the world's poorest people is greatly increased because the majority of their countries' scarce resources are being diverted to debt repayment, with little left over for health care, education, nutrition, or development programs.
Ethics, the disciplined study of moral decision-making, provides tools, which physician executives can use to determine and justify the norms that structure the terms under which scarce medical resources are allocated.
Thus scarce water resource carries the potential to breed conflicts at various levels of society.
Wright, PRB's Chairman and CEO, noted, "This was an opportunity to lock in a number of scarce, business-critical assets at a fixed rate without having to make a large upfront capital investment.
The Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Training, Mr Mduduzi Manana MP, will interact with high schools female learners as part of promoting Women in Scarce Skills programme at South African Airways (SAA), in Gauteng Province on Friday, 25 September 2015.
Cousins Rena Sparks and Jermaine "Jay" Scarce are making music and are in the running for a top award.
Auction organiser John Wilson said: "Boro international caps from this period are vary scarce indeed and I'm delighted to have it in our sale.
On the other hand, proponents of creative sentencing insist that alternative sentences must become the norm in the United States because the present sentencing methods squander scarce financial resources, usurp states' rights, and overlook the possible social benefits associated with alternative sentencing.