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The third issue (the scarcest, which we only have as a photocopy) was the first published during a Canadian Opera Company season.
Right now, when there's no upside in sight, the scarcest commodity in the market is a willing buyer.
Simple common sense, which may be the scarcest of all resources, argued that commercial property was likely to become a victim of its own success.
The notion of fairness and human dignity, however, demands of us one of our scarcest resources--our willingness to listen to one another.
Why it was omitted from the bound volume is a mystery but it makes this Newcastle programme the scarcest of all Chelsea pre-war home programmes.
Water is China's scarcest resource, and it is running out.
A reality of life in Nigeria is that fuel for everyday use is one of its scarcest commodities.
Award-winning poet Janet Holmes presents F2F, a collection of free-verse poetry that speaks volumes with the briefest and scarcest of phrases.
Mainly, it gives the world's poor hope; perhaps the scarcest of all the world's scarce commodities.
Famous for its health system, it is widely acknowledged that even with the scarcest of resources, in the face of decades of trade sanctions, Cuba has managed to provide a system where everyone has access to free health care.
The scarcest commodity in the law practice today is not clients, technology sophistication, or even capital resources.
Return On Customer: Creating Maximum Value from Your Scarcest Resource