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I applaud those giving a different opinion and voice against the blind majority, because I'm a minority here, in Mindanao, scared to say what I really feel.
I was scared of the dark, my favourite costume was Superman, I wished I could fly and my hero was Muhammad Ali.
Scared Scriptless Improv performs at the Snow Goose Restaurant and Sleeping Lady Brewing Company on Third Avenue in downtown Anchorage.
but I'm far more scared to admit that really have NO idea which action would even be the right one to take.
If the buck is badly scared, he will immediately alter his behavior.
I went on a ghost train and my sister got really scared.
But as a woman is shown smoking in a school playground, the young girl's voice continues: "I'm scared of my mum smoking.
Scared choices will need to be made: Gas, food or heat?
If you're confident, you're not scared of giving the ball away.
According to Scared to Death, the modern "scare phenomenon" started in the US in the 1970s and first reared its head in Britain in the 80s following a raft of food poisoning incidents.
What were you more scared of, the rail or Dan Sturt, the photographer?
They loved `The Lion King,' so we took them to see `Tarzan,' and again they were not scared.