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If birds are likely to be a problem erect temporary bird scarers or, for small areas, cover the whole lot with net, held in place on canes topped with flowerpots.
Mike and Sulley are among the best scarers ever, and now you can find out how they do it because we've got 10 copies of Disney's Monsters, Inc.
PUT UP bird scarers to stop birds feeding on winter flowers and plump buds.
SET up bird scarers in the garden to protect the buds of rhododendron and azaleas from bullfinches.
Tinfoil pie cases or old CDs suspended on strings, or buzz-line scarers work for a while.
He did a video blog during this year's event to show people what it is like being one of the scarers.
My own dog is also nervous of loud bangs like crop scarers, fireworks and gunshot, and I live quite close to a shoot, so I understand your frustration.
Tenders are invited for Job contract for bird / small animal scarers
Neighbour Kevin Hinson said it sounded "like five bird scarers going off at once.
Mike and Sulley are the best scarers in Monstropolis but when a child finds her way into their world, they attempt to return her before she throws the city into chaos.
Cover cherries and autumn-fruiting raspberries and blackberries with nets or hang reflective scarers in trees to keep birds away.