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I pay my tributes to Jharkhand's brave son Sankalp Kumar Shukla and other brave jawans who scarified their lives.
Lattakia, (SANA)- Lattakia governorate honored Monday 100 families of martyrs in appreciation of their sons who scarified their souls to restore security and stability to Syria.
He added that Pakistan has scarified in war against terrorism and "we proved that we are brave nation of the world.
The state and its agents have deliberately created panic in Balochistan, but the BNP is not scared of anything, as the party has already scarified the lives of many of its leaders and workers," The Daily Times quoted Mengal, as saying.
Summary: The body of the Libyan martyr Ali Nwaidha who scarified himself for the sake of liberating Palestine and the Arab lands is to be brought back to the country soon.
Both scarified and nonscarified seeds of the two color types germinated over a series of constant temperatures ranging from 20[degrees] to 35[degrees]C; percentage germination was highest (94-100%) for scarified/mottled seeds at all temperatures.
Seedling counts show 11,000 to 22,000 white birch seedlings per acre where the ground was scarified and no seedlings where it was not.